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Our Story

Our dear future Guest,

Our dear future Guest, Thank you for "coming in" to us!

But why choose us? What's special about Andreas Bistro? This charming little restaurant, which cowers in the city center with a homely, Tuscan atmosphere, varied dishes and great wines, is just waiting to be discovered and locked in your heart forever. Here, always, a well-accustomed, kind team welcomes you to fulfill all your wishes. The dishes of Hungarian and Mediterranean cuisine, prepared by our excellent chefs with a lot of heart and creativity, are made for you from fresh ingredients. We have the finest selection of Hungarian wines from the best Hungarian vineyards, which you may also take home with you. Pleasant atmosphere, attentive service and friendly prices; thise are the values we believe in. Andreas Bistro has a 30-year history, so thanks to our loyal employees, it has grown into family-run restaurant with a diverse atmosphere. The homely Hungarian restaurant and pizzeria, which originally served only the students and the workers from the area in the afternoon, is now also waiting for the guests for dinner in the evening on every workday, with reasonable prices and high-quality, tailored menus. While the lively lunch time is characterized by a wide selection of daily changing menus and quick fresh food, the dinners have a really intimate ambience, thanks to the selected, soft melodies and our excellent Hungarian wines offered by our smiling collegaues. Our premium category, draft Czech beers, palinkas, homemade lemonades are all designed to give our guests an unforgettable experience



During this long time, there were people who turned befor our eyes from a university student to a family person, and to this day they are looking for their favorite flavors and dishes by us. In addition to we fulfill their special requests with the greatest pleasure and try to thank their loyalty with the specialy attention of the staff and actions for regular guests. We hope that you will soon become part of this great family! If you plan to visit us with a bigger group, please feel free to contact any of our colleagues or send us an email. We will assure you with personalized offers that you have made the right choice.

If you are looking for a venue for a private party, a family or business event, you may come to our restaurant without paying an extra fee. Our capacity is up to a maximum of 50 people, however, if you wish to eat the meal somewhere else, there is a take away option as well.



1056 Budapest, Szarka utca 1.
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